Run'in From Covid! Episode 3
More Evidence They Don't Need Us, AI has Ventured Into the Sports World
DRS #036 Preview: Cuomo LePew
Joe Biden Warns: "We May Have to Reinstate Restrictions" if Americans Don’t "Stick with the Rules"
China's pandemic timeline marks 1 year anniversary; Blinken to meet with Chinese diplomats
After A Full Year Of Living With COVID-19, The Truth Is More Frightening Than The Virus
281. Texas SUES Austin for not Lifting Mask Mandate!
Mark Moss Interviews Jason About Current Real Estate Trends
VACCINE DISASTER AHEAD (The Highwire with Del Bigtree) Check links - download pdfs
Lauren Daigle - Rescue #savethechildren #stophumantrafficking

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New Caledonia state of emergency to end as France deploys more troops

Al Jazeera 2024-05-27

The state of emergency in the Pacific island territory of New Caledonia will be lifted on Tuesday morning, after two weeks of violent unrest over French plans to change the rules for provincial elections. The state of emergency that was imposed on May 16 will end at at 8pm on Monday in Paris (18:00 GMT and 5am on Tuesday in Noumea), the Elysee...

“I Swear to Fulfill the Duties of Defense Lawyer Honestly and Faithfully”

Human Rights Watch 2024-05-27

In September 2020, officers of the Investigative Committee, the country’s chief investigation agency, arrested Znak at Babaryka’s election headquarters on charges of “calls for actions aimed at harming the national interests of Belarus.” In February 2021, Znak was also charged with “conspiracy to seize power by unconstitutional means” and “creating...

In pricey Hong Kong, residents flock to China for cheaper dining, shopping

Al Jazeera 2024-05-27

Hong Kong, ChinaHong Kong resident Mimi Lau regularly heads to Shenzhen to grab a meal with friends or go shopping in one of the Chinese megacity’s many upscale malls. For Lau, who lives in Hong Kong’s New Territories near the border with mainland China, Shenzhen is not only a shorter bus ride than most of the popular shopping and dining areas...

China, India duel for riverine lifeblood of Bangladesh

Asiatimes 2024-05-20

Bangladesh’s economy faces a perfect storm with double-digit inflation pinching wallets, foreign exchange reserves dwindling and economic growth fading away. To weather the crisis, the government is desperately seeking foreign loans. Enter China into the eye of the tempest. With a timely US$5 billion soft loan, Beijing has positioned itself...

New Caledonia says situation ‘calmer’ after state of emergency imposed

Al Jazeera 2024-05-17

Authorities in New Caledonia have described the situation in the French Pacific territory as “calmer” after Paris declared a state of emergency in response to violence that erupted on Monday night over plans to change provincial voting rules. The officer of the high commissioner of New Caledonia, which represents the French state, said in a...

The Big Tariff era is here

Asiatimes 2024-05-16

Joe Biden is about to slap 100% tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles. A 100% tariff is an absolutely huge tariff. It means that Chinese EV makers would have to sell their EVs in the US at half the price of EVs manufactured elsewhere in order to be competitive. That just isn’t going to happen. A 100% tariff will probably be enough to keep...

Unbecoming American: Risky Business

Dissident Voice 2024-05-12

Risk and fraudulent mutuality Thirty years ago, having just successfully completed a international congress on environmental consciousness and mass media which I had organized on behalf of the Deutsche Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, a legacy of an early German pharmaceutical magnate, the inventor of the mouthwash Odol; I was asked to prepare the...

Bird flu is not a dire threat for most of us—yet

Popular Science 2024-05-08

The cattle outbreak is concerning because the country has been caught off guard. DepositPhotos This article was originally published on KFF Health News. Headlines are flying after the Department of Agriculture confirmed that the H5N1 bird flu virus has infected dairy cows around the country. Tests have detected the virus among cattle in nine...